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Updated July 2006


Breedinghist. part 1

Breedinghist. part 3

Part 2.

In 1997 I decided to stand on my own feet and got my own prefix.

In 1997 "April Love" had her 5th and last litter of 5 excellent quality puppies = my first McAlister litter. (sire: SCH NCH DKCH KLCH NORDCH INTCH LUXCH EUW 96 Tribuns " Löjtnant Holger Sparre").
I kept the two bitch puppies in the litter for show and breeding and sold one of the dogpuppies (McAlister's "A Kind Of Magic") for stud to a Danish cairnbreeder (Kennel Kippecairn).
At the age of 6 month I decided to keep McAlister's "Answer To My Prayers", called "Smilla", for myself and sold her littersister McAlister's "Abra Cadabra" to kennel Tribuns in Sweden.

"Smilla" wun a lot of puppy prizes like her halfsister "Toddy" and also proved to be a born showgirl. She has only been shown once as a youngster though and only a few times in open class but did receive a CK both in 1998, 1999 and 2000, which qualified her for the Annual Danish Cairn Yearbooks.


"Smilla" had her first McAlister's E-litter in March 2000 sired by my own studdog DKCH FINCH KLBCH Robinson Crusoe "Carlos Rapidos". Unfortunately she only got one puppy, a strong and healthy greybrindled charming malepuppy: McAlister's "Eyecatcher". called "Zico", who wun Best Baby Of Breed / 2nd Best In Show Baby at his first showentry in September 2000.
Fortunately Smilla" showed to be the most caring mother like her own ("April Love") and like her wonderfull halfsister "Toddy".

In May 2001 "Smilla" delivered her 2nd McAlister's H-litter sired by my young studdog DKCH McAlister's "Danish Viking".

In 2002 McAlister's "Glenfiddich" sired his first litter with "Smilla" who delivered her 3rd McAlister's K-litter in June, and in February 2003 "Smilla" delivered her 4th McAlister's N-litter after a remating with my young CH studdog McAlister's "Danish Viking".

IIn April 2003 "Smilla" retired and moved to her new house and family here in my own town Roskilde, and is now enjoying her life as a beloved and spoiled pet. In June 2004 "Smilla" was shown for the first time in Senior class and wun Best Senior Of Breed / 2nd Best Bitch Of Breed. In fact she was awarded her first Danish CC, but couldn't receive it from the senior class (due to special Danish showrules)


In December 1997 I visited Yvonne again in Edinburgh, this time to pick up my 2nd import, a dark brindle 9 month old bitch puppy Biorsadh "Carousel" of Birselaw, called "Casey". She is a younger fullsister to Yvonne's own GBCH Biorsadh "Jezabel" of Birselaw (after GBCH Birselaw "Countryman" & Biorsadh "Breakaway Becky").

A littersister to "Casey" called Biorsadh "Wizadora" of Birselaw was sold to Fiona Ward in Australia.

"Casey" settled down as a familydog in only 2 days after arriving in Denmark, and she is very friendly and mild tempered. She also seems to enjoy showing and wun Best Youngster Bitch at her first showentrance in Denmark in May 1998 under Special judge Sue Kinton.

"Casey" has been shown a few times since and has received 1 Reserve CC and CK's (Certificate Qualifications) at almost every showentry.
Unfortunately "Casey" turned out to be misthriving as an "underdog" among my other bitches resulting in hormonal distress so in December 1999 she moved to a pet home where she later had to be spaided. "Casey" enjoyed fully to be "the one and only" and was adored by her new owners. But due to hormonel and mental distress "Casey" tragically had to be put to sleep already in Autumn 2005.


From "Toddy's" first litter (born May 17th 1998) I kept for a few months her son McAlister's "Brave Heart" called "Oliver".
He is a dark brindle dog out of a very harmoneous litter of 6 healthy puppies. He has got excellent proportions, a gorgeous head and expression. He is a sound mover, and he has got a very mild temperament. But he is a late developer and needs years to mature.

In March 1999 I decided to sell "Oliver" to a very nice family, who loves him dearly.

And in August 1999 "Oliver" wun 4th BEST IN SHOW /Best Youngster In Show at our yearly Open Cairn Match between Denmark and Sweden.


SONJA SCHEEL * October 10th 1922 - † December 30th 1998
On December 30th 1998 my mother passed away suddenly and unexpected from a heartattack. And in the months after that I went trough some drastic changes in my life.
In order to be able to take properly care of all our cairns I had to move to my mother's house right after her death, as my stock of cairns suddenly increased with not only 3 grown-up cairns ("Jennifer", her mother "Sandy Rose" and "Jennifer's" younger fullbrother "Peppi"), but with "Jennifer's" Robinson Crusoe Q-puppies as well - 4 puppies at the age of 8 weeks!!

1st of April 1999 I was fortunate - thanks to my mother's will - to take over permanently her house, which is 3 times bigger than my old little cottage and with lots of practical both indoor and outdoor facilities for the dogs.
A perfect house for a small hobby kennel.

Robinson Crusoe "Sandy Rose" (born July 7th 1990) after DKCH Penticharm "Royale Gamble" (a son of GBCH Penticharm "Silver Rocket") and Robinson Crusoe "Hasty Cookie" (a daughter of DKCH Courtrai "Louisa") had proved to be one of my mother's best brood bitches.
After my mother's death, she was spaided, and came to live with a nice elderly couple, where she spent her pension age till her death 12 years old - spoiled like a child and dearly beloved by her new owners.


Robinson Crusoe "Papillon" called "Peppi" (born May 26th 1997) went to a nice family with two young kids, where he is enjoying life as a real petcairn.


So in a very tragic way I took over my mother's STAR: DKCH FINCH KLBCH Robinson Crusoe "Jennifer" (born August 27th 1995) - daughter of DKCH FINCH KLBCH Robinson Crusoe "Alberto Tomba".

"Jennifer" is an absolutely stunning showbitch, full of style and carisma, and in both 1997 and 1998 she wun 4th "BEST BITCH OF THE YEAR".
"Jennifer" certainly also proved to be a perfect mother and an excellent broodbitch with
her first Robinson Crusoe Q-litter (born October 28th 1998), sired by the magnificent studdog NORDCH INTCH VDHCH DCH Tribuns "Yellow Sovereign"

After my mother's death I decided to campaign "Jennifer" in 1999 in order to honour my mother's memory and I was very proud when "Jennifer" in August 1999 gained her 3rd tittle: KLBCH (Danish Terrier Club Champion).
And in November 1999 she was awarded 2nd BITCH OF THE YEAR / 3rd CAIRN OF THE YEAR .
Unfortunately she missed 2 important shows in February 1999 due to her first litter and again 2 important shows in November 1999 due to the fact that she was expecting
her 2nd McAlister D-litter, also sired by NORDCH INTCH VDHCH DCH Tribuns "Yellow Sovereign", and on November 14th 1999 "Jennifer" delivered another super litter of 6 strong and healthy puppies (3 males and 3 bitches) of extremely high quality..

In 2001 "Jennifer" was awarded BROODBITCH OF THE YEAR 2001.......a tittle she deserved fully !!

In April 2002 "Jennifer" delivered her 3rd and last McAlister "J-litter" sired by McAlister's "Eyecatcher", from which I kept one of the two male puppies McAlister's "James Bond" (called "Rusty"). He has taken time to mature and was only shown once as a puppy and once as a youngster (where he received Reserve CC).

"James Bond" has by the years develloped into quite a stunning red male, extremely alert and showy like both his parents. Due to excellent showmanship "James Bond" earned his DKCH tittle already in March 2005 after having been shown at only very few shows. In March 2006 "James Bond" earned his 2nd CH tittle - LITHUANIAN CH - after having wun 4 CC's and 1 CACIB/BOB in Lithuania

DKCH  LITHUANIANCH McAlister's "James Bond" was "Jennifer's" 5th CHAMPION offspring out of 3 litters. My mother can sure be proud up in her heaven.

In April 2003 "Jennifer" retired to a new home and family in my own town Roskilde in order to enjoy a quiet otium. She settled in right away and is loved and adored by her new owners. The two young daughters in the family renamed her "THE DISNEY PRINCESS", due to her long eyelaches.


An excellent and very harmoneous litter of 4 copper red high quality puppies (2males & 2 bitches). My mother was extremely proud of this litter, and it was a great honour for me to take over her beloved "Q-litter"

Robinson Crusoe "Quartermaster" called "Quipu", was sold to a Danish couple for show and stud. He has develloped into a very impressive male but unfortunately a bit "on the big size", so in spite of his Champion quality he is not shown anymore.

"Quipu" sired his first litter in July 2000: McAlister's F-litter.

AMCH Robinson Crusoe "Quite Macho" called "Macho" and his sister AMCH Robinson Crusoe "Quintessence" called "Tessa", were picked up in March 1999 by their new co-owner from the States - Sandra Murray (kennel Cairncroft) in Colorado. Sandra also bought "Oliver's" littersister McAlister's "Black Beauty" in September 1998, co-owned with Rebecca Stamps (kennel Marquee) in Dallas, Texas. Becky Stamps also co-owns "Macho".
Before leaving Denmark, Sandra had the great pleasure to win BEST BABY OF BREED / 3rd BEST BABY IN SHOW at a Terrier Club Show with "Macho", whom she predicted a glorious showcareer in the States. She was quite right !!


click on the photo to see the full photo

In fact at his 3 first U.S. showentries in Puppy Class at 2 shows in New Mexico in the middle of May 1999 and one show in Colorado in June 1999, "Macho" went 3 x WINNERS DOG and 1 x BEST OF WINNERS and gained allready then his first 6 points for his U.S. Championship, (only 7½ month of age)

In March 2000 "Macho" wun BEST IN SHOW in Texas at the Trinity Valley Cairn Specialty's Puppy Sweepstake and later on in the afternoon "Macho" was shown under Special judge Bill Camish (GB) at The annual Trinity Valley Cairn Specialty Show and wun WINNERS DOG /BEST OF WINNERS at a 5 points major.
His littersister
"Quintessence" wun sensationally WINNERS BITCH at a 5 points major too under judge Bill Camish  - quite a sensation with two littermates winning at the same Cairn Specialty.

In April 2000 "Macho" gained his last points for his AM CH tittle by winning WINNERS DOG at a 5 points major under Special judge Peggy McIllwaine at the Potomac Cairn Specialty.


In March 2001 "Macho" wun BOB at the Trinity Valley Cairn Specialty in Texas under Special judge Christine Carter (USA), but the absolute CLIMAX and greatest TRIUMPH was his BEST OF BREED victory at the prestigeous MONTGOMERY COUNTY KENNEL CLUB SHOW on October 7th 2001 under Special judge Mrs Ferelith Sommerfield (GB). "Macho" even made the cut in the Montgomery BIS Finale.

He also wun BEST STUDDOG at Montgomery 2001 with his 2 exellent daughters Cairncroft "Quite A Miracle" (bred and owned by Sandra Murray) and Marquee Copperglen "Tickeld Pink" (bred by Becky Stamps & owned by Carol Ackerson). Both his daughters were shortly after both made up to USACH.

click on the photo to see the full photo

Luckily I was fortunate to be present at ringside together with Tribun breeder Ewa Söderwall from Sweden and words can simply not express our proud and happy feelings after "Macho's" fantastic victory over 156 US cairnterrier competitors. We had a lot to celebrate that evening with "Macho's" US co-owners and our other american cairnbreeder friends.

2 years later in 2003 "Macho's" son USACH Cairnhoe Highlander of Wolfpit wun BOB like his dad at Montgomery County. Unfortunately I wasn't present at ringside then but was told the good news over the phone by a proud Lydia Hutchinson.

AMCH Robinson Crusoe "Quintessence" wun in October 1999 at her first real showentry at Hartboro Kennel Club Show near Philadelphia (Montgomery weekend) WINNERS BITCH at a 4 points major under judge Edith Hogg (South Africa). Later in March 2000 as above mentioned she sensationally wun WINNERS BITCH at a 5 points major at the Trinity Valey Cairn Specialty in Texas under Special judge Bill Camish (GB). And finally in October 2000 "Tessa" was shown at the most prestigeous annual Montgomery County Kennel Club Show near Philadelphia and sensationally gained her AM CH tittle by winning WINNERS BITCH at a 5 points major under Special judge Alf Arrowsmith (GB). What a triumph.


A son of "Quintessence" - USACH Cairncroft "Stillwater Ripple" (sired by USACH Cairncroft "Nighthawk") - was made up to Champion at Montgomery County Kennel Club Show 2004 by winning WINNERS DOG / BEST OF WINNERS and has wun several BOB /BOS winnings since then.

Both Sandra Murray (prefix Cairncroft) and Becky Stamps (prefix Marquee), who have both become close and dear friends of mine, looked so much forward to use their Danish imports in their future breeding programmes. In combining the best American bloodlines with the Scandinavian/British bloodlines of their 3 imports, they hoped to be able to improve the American Cairnstandard. A project, which already succeeded and which I am very proud to be part of !!

"Macho" has been mated with only top quality bitches owned by some of the well known US cairn breeders, and fortunately he has already proven to be one of the most impressive studdogs in USA today. "Macho" has uptill now sired 30 USA CHAMPION offsprings and was elected TOP PRODUCING STUDDOG 2004 in USA

Many more excellent "Macho" offsprings have already earned several points towards their USACH tittles.


The second bitchpuppy from "Jennifer's" Q-litter Robinson Crusoe "Quickstep" called "Stephanie", I kept myself. - And what a gift my mother sent me from heaven!!

A real little copper red "devil", full of spirit, full of tricks, but at the same time really charming and sweet - and a born showgirl like her mum as well !!

Already in May 1999 "Stephanie" wun BEST PUPPY OF BREED / 4th BEST PUPPY IN SHOW at a Terrier Club Show, and impressed everyone at ringside with her proffessional show performance.
In July 1999 "Stephanie" wun BEST IN SHOW Puppy at a Kennel Club Show on the Island of Bornholm and at her first showentrance in Youngster class August 1999 she wun BEST IN SHOW Youngster.


"Stephanie" was not shown much as a youngster as she needed time to mature but in June 2000 she received a FINNISH CC at a Kennel Club Show in Salo near Helsinki.

"Stephanie" wasn't shown much either in 2001, but started her carreer as broodbitch in October 2001, when she delivered her first litter of 6 healthy puppies: McAlister's I-litter sired by McAlister's "Eyecatcher". The litter turned out to be of a very high quality and obviously with some excellent showprospects among the 6 puppies. In fact McAlister's "Ironman" wun BEST YOUNGSTER OF BREED & 3rd BEST IN SHOW YOUNGSTER at his only 2nd showentry (March 2003). His littersister McAlister's "Irish Cream" (that I now co-own) - received her first CC in June 2005 in spite only being shown a few times.

In November 2002 "Stephanie" delivered her 2nd McAlister's "M-litter" of 5 healthy, high quality puppies sired by Cairngården's "Fyrst Renee". In 2003 "Stephanie" was mated to DK Multi CH Sensei's "Sweet Dublin" and I had really high hopes for this litter. The mating resulted in June in "Stephanie's" 3rd McAlister's "O-litter" of 3 big and strong puppies, but unfortunately the only bitchpuppy in the litter develloped far too big and heavy and was sold as a pet. The most promising of the dogpuppies was sold to a showhome, but tragically neutered 7 months old without my knowledge.

Finally in January 2005 "Stephanie" delivered 5 healthy puppies in her last and 5th McAlister's "V-litter", sired by a young and extremely promising studdog named  DKCH McCairn "Let's Twist Again" (bred and owned by Margit Nielsen in Horsens). I kept a bitchpuppy McAlister's "Victoria's Secret" and sold her litterbrother McAlister's "Victor Hugo" to my close friend Ada Koch (who owned DKCH FINCH KLBCH Robinson Crusoe "Alberto Tomba" & Robinson Crusoe "Incredible Tintin")

In April 2005 "Stephanie" retired to a pethome on a farm out in the countryside where she is enjoying every day of her life.


In November 1999 "Jennifer" delivered her 2nd litter again sired by the magnificent NORDCH INTCH VDHCH DCH Tribuns "Yellow Sovereign". This time she had 6 harmoneous, healthy and strong red wonders (3 male- and 3 bitchpuppies) and 5 puppies from this litter looked like TOP quality showprospects.

McAlister's Danish Special Brew was my pick male from the litter, but "Malte" as he was called, died tragically within only 3 days at the age of only 3 months due to a severe bloodpoisening. "Malte" was at the time the most uniquee puppy that I have ever bred or owned. He was absolutely stunning, so correct in body structure and with the most floating movements one could ever dream of. I will never forget "Malte".

So faith decided that I kept my 2nd pick male from Jennifer's "D- litter" DKCH McAlister's "Danish Viking". He was originally supposed to go to Australian TOP cairnbreeder Cathy Scotton, kennel Joymont in Melbourne, who had also given him his name "Viking". But instead "Victor", as I now call him, stayed with me in Denmark...... and turned out to be a great showdog.

"Victor" started his showcarreer by winning several Best Baby & Best Puppy of Breed victories at both Terrier Club and Int. Kennel Club Shows incl. final placements in BIS Baby & BIS Puppy competitions. Only 9 months old "Victor" went to the top by winning BEST IN SHOW in Denmark, under Special judge Mr J.Radford (GB), at our annual Cairnmatch between Denmark and Sweden. A month later only 10 months old "Victor" wun 3rd Best Dog Of Breed with Reserve CC at a Terrier Club Show under Special judge Mrs M.E.McKinley (GB). The 2 winning dogs were both bred in Sweden.

"Victor" started to be shown (after a short break) in April 2001 and by the end of the year he succeed to have been awarded 2 CC's and 3 more Reserve CC's...ending up 5th Dog Of The Year and 9th Cairn Of The Year 2001. In February 2002 Victor recieved his 3rd CC and became Danish Champion.

In July 2002 "Victor" was shown and handled by my dear friend Lydia Coleman Hutchinson (kennel Wolfpit in Maryland, USA) at the WORLD DOG SHOW 2002 in Amsterdam under Special judge Mr. Frank Edwards (GB). "Victor" was placed 2nd in Championclass and ended up RESERVE WORLD WINNER 2002 with Reserve CACIB.

Fortunately "Victor" reached to sire some excellent offsprings before he tragically turned sterile in 2004. He was examined by fertile specialists in the States but couldn't be treated successfully and never regained his fertility primarily due to a severe Mycoplasma infection. "Victor" had to be neutered and thanks to Sandra Murray he was fortunate to be placed in an ideal pethome in Colorado Springs, where he has been "adopted" as the 4th child of the family. According to Sandra Murray the family regards "Victor" as the most clever dog on Earth and has taught him all kinds of tricks worth a circus perfomance.

"Victor" left me 3 wonderful broodbitches: McAlister's "Guardian Angel", "Love At First Sight" and "Nothing Compares To Me" and his extremely promising grandson DKCH McCairn "Let's Twist Again" (bred and owned by Margit Nielsen in Horsens)


McAlister's "Danish Lady In Red" was sold to Finland to Eeva Repo and co-own by my friend (former Chairman of the Finnish Cairnterrier Club) Satu Stenroos (prefix No Copyright) in Turku near Helsinki. Unfortunately "Malla"; as she is called, develloped a too happy tailset as a youngster and for that reason couldn't fullfill her showcarreer in Finland.



McAlister's "Danish Design" was exported to my dear friend Becky Stamps, (prefix Marquee) in Dallas, Texas. Becky also co-owns "DeDe's" older fullbrother "Macho", who according to Becky, adored his younger fullsister.Unfortunately "DeDe" grew a difficult coat for the Texas heat and was sold to a pet home in California, where she is being spoiled and adored by her new owners.

DKCH KLBCH McAlister's "Danish Butter Cookie" was my pick bitch from "Jennifer's" 2nd litter. "Sille", as I call her, has been a very slow develloper and was only shown once as a puppy with a "Very Promising Puppy" note. But at the age of 15 months "Sille" looked like a MILLION, and I could hardly wait to start campaigning her. She is the most adorable bitch, full of spirit, full of tricks, very intelligent and with lots of carisma.....and gifted with a tremendous showtalent.


AND WHAT A SHOWCARREER: "Sille" was shown next time in youngster class in March 2001 and was awarded her first CC and placed 2nd Best Bitch Of Breed (in front of her mother). In April she was placed 2nd Best Bitch Of Breed again and was beaten by a multi Champion bitch from Sweden who unfortunately received the bitch CC. In July "Sille" received her 2nd CC...again being placed 2nd Best Bitch Of Breed. And finally in September "Sille" received her 3rd and last CC and was made up to the same time being placed 4th Best Bitch Of Breed (behind 3 CH bitches).

In beginning of November 2001 "Sille" was shown at two shows for the first time in Champion Class and sensationally wun BEST BITCH OF BREED both days. On Saturdays International Kennel Club Show (judged by Knut Wieberg, GB) "Sille" wun BOS and qualified for CRUFFT 2002. On Sunday's Terrier Club Show (judged by Special judge Jack Watson, GB) "Sille" ended up winning BEST OF BREED.

So in spite her young age "Sille" ended up being awarded 2nd BEST BITCH OF THE YEAR & 4th CAIRN OF THE YEAR 2001.

In 2004 "Sille" was made up to Danish Terrier Club Champion (KLBCH) after having wun the bitch Champion class  4 times at 4 Danish Terrier Club Shows.

"Sille" has so far delivered  3 litter of puppies. The first 2 was both sired by DKCH SCH KBHV -03 INTCH Tribuns "Red Hawk". First litter McAlister's "P-Litter" in September 2003 - only one male and one bitchpuppy -from which I co-own the bitch named McAlister's "Pretty Woman". She lives as a pet with some close friends of mine.

Second litter McAlister's "S-litter" was born in May 2005 - 2 malepuppies - of which one McAlister's "Scarlet Pimpernel" was sold to a showhome by kennel Strandridder in Ålborg.

In September 2005 "Sille" delivered her 3rd litter - "McAlister's Y-Litter" - sired by McCairn's "Let's Twist Again". 4 healthy puppies (3 bitches and 1 male).One of the bitchpuppies just caught my eyes and captured my heart almost from her date of birth -and fortunately she turned out like a lightning star and had to be named McAlister's "You Are My Number One". I call her "Rosa".

"Sille" was mated for the last time with DKCH KLBCH Cale Hill's "Norman" and is expecting her 4th and absolutely last litter of puppies in beginning of July 2006. A litter that I have great expectations about.


Sire of the Robinson Crusoe "Q-litter" and the McAlister's "D-litter" NORDCH INTCH VDHCH DCH Tribuns "Yellow Sovereign" called "Babe" is to me an absolutely masculine and stunning male, full of charisma, so well constructed and the most elegant and sound mover, and with the best of temperaments.
With "Babe" it was "LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT" when I first saw him at a Danish Show in beginning of 1998. To me that dog had just all the qualities that I thought were needed to improve our Danish cairn standard....and so far some of the most winning cairns in 2000 & 2001 both in Sweden and Denmark have been "Babe" offsprings. Not to forget his famous son "Macho" in USA


Born March 19th 2000 after DKCH FINCH KLBCH Robinson Crusoe "Carlos Rapidos" and McAlister's "Answer To My Prayers"

"Zico" - as "Eyecatcher" is called - was my so far first and only singleton puppy. The absolute last offspring that "Carlos" left before he turned sterile. A little greybrindle charming fellow, who's favorite playmate and follower was a little plush panda that he cuttled with since his birth till he was almost 7 months old. "Zico" turned out to be a born showman and wun on that account besides puppy- and youngsterclass wins his first CC in 2002 and BEST IN SHOW at our Annual Danish Open Zealand Cairn Show in 2003 under Special judge Pam Bambridge (GB)


Unfortunately "Zico" hasn't been spoken for as studdog inspite he has so far sired 2 CC offsprings in his 2 McAlister litters: respectively McAlister's "Irish Cream" and DKCH LITHUANIAN CH McAlister's "James Bond".


Born July 2000 after Robinson Crusoe "Quartermaster" and Robinson Crusoe "I'm Daddy's Girl".

From this litter I kept the only bitchpuppy McAlister's "Forever Mummy's Girl", called "Tippie"......a charming darkbrindle puppy with her own mind. Quite a personality. "Tippie" lives with some of my friends, who co-owns her.

"Tippie" was mated twice with DKCH LITHUANIAN CH McAlister's "James Bond" and delivered 2 litters of respectively 6 and 8 strong and healthy puppies - without any complications what so ever. McAlister's "Q-litter" in October 2003 and McAlister's "R-litter" in May 2004.




From McAlister's "G-Litter" (born February 2001) I kept an outstanding cupper red bitchpuppy that I call "Kimmy". She was my pickpuppy already from the age of 3 weeks and I haven't regreted one second that I chose her. "Kimmy" was shown in Puppy Class twice and in September 2001 she wun BEST PUPPY OF BREED & 2nd BEST IN SHOW PUPPY at an International Kennel Club Show.

"Kimmy" was shown in a huge youngster class in March 2002 and wun 1st place with CK (Certificate Qualification).

In August 2002 "Kimmy" went BIS 2 / BOS at our annual Denmark-Sweden Cairnmatch under Special judge Mrs Norma Newton (GB)

Both in 2003 and in 2004 "Kimmy" wun BOS at our Annual Open Cairn Show in May under respectively Special judges Pam Bambridge (GB) and Mrs Mary Towers (GB)

"Kimmy" took long time to mature but received her first 2 Danish CC's in June and July 2003. Same year in August she wun a FINNISH CC in Helsinki under Special judge Peggy McIllwaine (USA) who also placed her Best Bitch Of Breed / BOS. Due to breeding obligations "Kimmy" unfortunately hasn't been shown much since.

"Kimmy" has so far without complications delivered 2 healthy litter of respectively 7 and 6 quality puppies: McAlister's "U-litter" in September 2004 (sired by DKCH SCH Tribuns "Bertie Bott") and McAlister's "X-litter" in April 2005 (sired by DKCH LITHUANIAN CH McAlister's "James Bond"). "Kimmy" certainly proved to be as excellent and as caring a mother as her own.

In March 2006 "Kimmy" was shown at 3 shows in Lithuania and wun 3 Lithuanian CC's and 1 CACIB incl. 1 x BOB and 1 x  BOS, but because "Kimmy" hasn't received her 3rd Danish CC yet and earned her DKCH and FINCH titles she can yet not be made up to Lithuanian CH.

In April 2006 "Kimmy" was mated to DKCH KLBCH Cale Hill's "Norman" and delivered 6 healthy puppies - McAlister's 2nd "B-litter" - on June 19th (2 males and 4 bitchpuppies)..


From "Stephanie's" first litter with "Eyecatcher" in October 2001, I kept McAlister's "Ironman" (called "Oscar"), whom I now co-own with my breederfriend Susanne Nielsen in Jutland, where "Oscar" stays.

In March 2003 "Oscar" received his first CK (Certificate Qualification) and wun BEST YOUNGSTER Of BREED / 3rd BIS YOUNGSTER at his 2nd showentry.

"Oscar" is living on a farm with horses and loves to run around in the stables, so his co-owner has had many difficulties keeping him in correct weight and coatcondition, so "Oscar" has only been shown very few times. He sired his first litter in December 2004 by Ru'Cairn breeder Anette Lysgaard, who was ever so pleased with the quality of his puppies.

In June 2006 "Oscar" sired his 2nd litter of 3 healthy puppies (2 males and 1 bitchpuppy) - by Znabel-A breeders Kjeld and Birgitte Gustafson in Jutland.



A charming, alert and showy, wheaten bitch from "Stephanie's" first litter with "Eyecatcher" in October 2001. "Sally" - as she is called - was sold as a puppy to a family who was interested in showing her. Unfortunately she had a difficult coat and needed time to mature, so for that reason she wasn't shown much the first years though regularly kept in showtrim. "Sally" did though qualify for the Danish Cairn Yearbook 2004.

In April 2005 "Sally's" owners had to return her to me due to familiar problems and within short time "Sally" was replaced with a very close friend of mine and former puppycustomer, who adores and admires "Sally" for her wonderful charisma and super intelligence.


In July 2005 "Sally" restarted her showcarreeer with her new owner by winning her first CC /4th Best Bitch of Breed at a Terrier Club Show and next day she was awarded the Reserve CC at a local Kennel Club Show.

In November 2005 - on my birthday the 29th - "Sally" delivered her one an only bitchpuppy McAlister's "A Little Miracle" sired by DKCH McCairn "Let's Twist Again". Due to delivery complications "Sally" had to be delivered by C-section and was spaid at the same time, as it turned out she had a very narrow pelvis and never would be able to deliver puppies.



From "Jennifer's" 3rd and last litter with "Eyecatcher" in April 2002, I kept one of the two malepuppies McAlister's "James Bond" (called "Rusty") - a charming, red brindle puppy full of charisma and stunning showspirit. "Rusty" turned out to be a slow develloper and was for that reason only shown twice as a puppy in November 2002 (with excellent judgecomments) and once as a youngster in August 2003, where he wun Reserve CC. Since then "Rusty" was only shown at very few and selected shows and easily earned his DKCH tittle in March 2005 under Special judge Bill Camish.

"Rusty" has done quite well in CH class and has so far earned 2 Danish Terrier Club Champion Certificates.

In March 2006 "Rusty" earned his Lithuanian Champion Tittle after being shown twice in Lithuania incl. 1 CACIB. Since then he has been staying with my cairnbreeder friend Rita in Vilnius in order to be campaigned in East Europe.

"Rusty" has sired 7 litters by now and proven to be not only a competent studdog (like his dad and granddad) but also to be a quality sire, who especially passes on his wonderful charismatic temperament to his offsprings.




Personally I was fortunate to get "Rusty's" daughter Ru'Cairn's "I'm Magic" (called "Maggie") born August 18th 2004. "Maggie" is bred by my Danish breeder friend Anette Lysgaard (Prefix Ru'Cairn) who imported "Maggie's" dam Camcairn "Ariadme" from Bill Camish (GB). Anette wanted to stop breeding cairns as she had started a few years ago breeding Norwich terriers instead, so for that reason I was offered the pickbitch from "Ariadme's" last litter with "Rusty". And what a gift from heaven.

"Maggie" was not only an extremely promising greybrindle puppybitch, so feminie and excellent in type and bodystructure, but at the same time so charming, so sweet, so charismatic and so intelligent, not to forget a born showgirl. In fact "Maggie" started her showcarreer 3½ months old by winning Best Baby Of Breed / BIS 2nd Baby at a local non-CC Kennel Club Show. Personally I was very proud of her.

"Maggie" was later shown a few times in puppy and youngster class with wonderfull judgecomments but has needed time to mature. Recently in May 2006 she was shown at our annual Open Cairn Show judged by Mr. Anthony Osborne from GB and wun her class incl. BIS 5 / 2nd Best Bitch in Show. I am looking forward to campaign "Maggie" at the shows ahead.

Recently "Maggie" also attended a training session in Lure Coursing and proved to have such an excellent hunting instinct that she possibly could be trained on a real Greyhound racecourt (after an artificial hare). Hopefully she will be invited by the Greyhound Club to join a real racecourt training for cairns next Spring 2007.



"Maggie's litterbrother Ru'Cairn's "I'm Your Boogieman" (called "Jeppe") was exported to Finland to breeder Satu Stenroos (Prefix No Copyright). "Jeppe" has already proven to be of as excellent showquality as his littersister and wun already Reserve CC only 9 months old at a show in Finland. He will hopefully be made up to FINCH in the future and has already sired his first litter of No Copyright puppies.



From "Toddy's" definite last and 5th litter in October 2002 after a remating with "Victor", I kept the only bitchpuppy McAlister's "Love At First Sight" and has named her "Lucy". She looks much like a spitting image of her mum though not as tuff in temperament but with a born showspirit. Allready 5 months old "Lucy" proved to be a showsprospect by winning Best Baby Of Breed / BIS Baby at her 2 first showentries followed by 3 Best Puppy Of Breed winnings.

Due to a severe stafylococ skininfection as a youngster "Lucy" could not be shown for many months, but when she finally came into proper showcondition again, she qualified for the Danish Cairn Yearbook already at her first showentry in open class in 2004.


In April 2005 "Lucy" delivered her first litter of puppies McAlister's "W-litter" sired my my young studdog DKCH LITHUANIAN CH McAlister's "James Bond". 4 healthy quality puppies. "Lucy" certainly proved to be as excellent a broodbitch and as wonderful and caring a mother as her own.

In November 2005 "Lucy" delivered her 2nd McAlister's "Z-Litter" sired by DKCH KLBCH Cale Hill's "Norman". 5 big and strong puppies among which some seems to be fiuture showprospects. The pickbitch from the litter McAlister's "Zloty" has been sold to a showhome in Lithuania, and the pickmale McAlister's "Zappa" has been shown in Baby Class in Denmark with a VERY  PROMISING  ribbon.


A lovely wheaten bitch born February 2003 from "Smilla's" last litter sired by "Victor". Originally "Salli" (as she is called) was meant to be exported to USA at the age of a few months but turned out already at her early puppystage to devellope too tall for the US showrings. But because she looked so promisingI first decided to keep "Salli" myself - untill the right family and showhome turned up when "Salli" was about 4 months old.

At her first showentry in May 2004 "Salli" wun Best Youngster Of Breed / 2nd Best Bitch Of Breed with Reserve CC under Special judge Yvonne Catto (Scotland). "Salli" was only shown a very few times since then but wasn't kept in correct showcondition and by irony of faith "Salli" was returned to me in May 2005 due to familiar problems.

I made plans to mate "Sallie" for the first time in her next season beginning of 2006, but "Sallie" had problems socializing with the rest of my bitches, so in September 2005 I was very lucky to find a pethome for "Sallie". Her new owners live near me and they just had to put their 13 year old Robinson Crusoe cairn to sleep, so "Sallie" brougth new happiness and joy into their home. "Sallie" settled in with her new owners from the very first day and she adores them and they just love her.


"Sille's" only bitchpuppy from her first litter in September 2003 with SCH DKCH NCH NORDCH KBHV-03 INTCH Tribuns "Red Hawk". A "pretty woman" indeed with an absolute gorgeous headpiece and expression and the most sweet and wonderfull temperament.

 "Rosie" - as she is called - qualified for the Danish Cairn Yearbook first time in March 2005 as a youngster and was fortunate to be placed with some close friends of mine in May 2005 where she lives a happy family life with only 2 other cairns. "Rosie" is not going to be campaigned but will be kept in showcoat and maybe shown a few times in the future. Recently I decided not to breed on "Rosie" after I got her halfsister McAlister's "You Are My Number One" (born September 2005)



McAlister's "Roxanne" born May 2004 (after DKCH LITHUANIAN CH McAlister's "James Bond" and McAlister's "Forever Mummy's Girl") was sold to my friend Vivi Jægerstrøm (prefix Cairnlodge) for show and breeding. In June 2005 "Roxanne" was awarded a 1st Prize and a "Very Promising Youngster" at the age of 13 months. Later same year she was awared her first CK (Certificate Qualification) and qualified for the Danish Cairn Yearbook 2006. "Roxannne" is a very feminine and lovely darkbrindle bitch but a slow develloper like both her parrents.

In May 2006 "Roxanne" delivered her first litter of 2 high quality puppies: Cairnlodge's "Ally" & "Bailey"



An extremely promising dogpuppy from "Sille's" 2nd litter in May 2004 - a remating with SCH DKCH NCH NORDCH KBHV-03 INTCH Tribuns "Red Hawk". "Scarlet Pimpernel" was a real stunning malepuppy and with high hopes sold to some close Danish cairnbreeder friends of mine in Northern Jutland (prefix Strandridder).

"Gismo" - as he is called - is co-owned and living with my breeder friends daughter and son-in-law and is spoiled and dearly beloved. He did win Best Puppy Of Breed a few times but for a few months since then he was unfortunately shown in a very short coat and in not very good showcondition untill he was finally diagnozed to suffer from lungworms. "Gismo" was fortunately treated in good time but needed months to slowly recover. He won't be shown again before he has fully matured and has come into super showcondition. Also he needs to regain his selfconfidence and showspirit.


In January 2005 "Stephanie" delivered her last and 5th litter of 5 healthy puppies sired by my cairnbreeder friend Margit Nielsen's excellent young studdog DKCH McCairn "Let's Twist Again". I had promised my close friend Ada Koch the pickmale from this litter as she had tragically lost both her males DKCH FINCH KLBCH Robinson Crusoe "Albrerto Tomba" and Robinson Crusoe "Incredible Tintin" within the last 2 years.

But there was only one dogpuppy in "Stephanie" and "Twister's" litter and for that reason nothing to choose among for Ada. But fortunately it turned out to be "love at first sight" and already at the age of 3 weeks Ada fell totally in love with darkbrindle McAlister's "Victor Hugo" and decided to take him no matter showquality or not. And what a lucky choice.

Already at his first showentry in June 2005 "Hugo" -as he is called- entered the showring like a born showman and wun Best Baby of Breed / BIS Baby. Since then he has been shown twice in puppy class and wun Best Puppy of Breed both times incl. 1x BIS 2 Puppy at an International Kennel Club Show.

Recently "Hugo" was placed 3rd Best Dog Of Breed with CK (Certificate Qualification) and reserve CC at a Terrier Club Show incl. Best Youngster Of Breed.

No doubth that "Hugo" is a promising showprospect and deeply admired for his charismatic showspirit, his wonderful sensible temperament and intelligent behavior. Cross my fingers for another great future McAlister studdog.





"Victoria's Secret" - "Hugo's" littersister - was originally co-owned with Sandra Murray (prefix Cairncroft) in Colorado who brougth back "Secret" to the States 12 weeks old after her visit in Denmark in March 2005. Unfortunately "Secret" didn't devellope to Sandra's satisfaction so in November 2005 "Secret" was returned to me.

  "Secret" has been shown 3 times in Youngster Class in Denmark since April 2006 with superb judgecomments incl. 3 x VERY PROMISING ribbons and 1 x CK (Certificate Qualification). "Secret" is definitely a late develloper,  but should have a promising showcarreer ahead of her in Denmark as she matures. I also expect her to deliver some excellent McAlister offsprings in the future.



Finally in "Sille's" 3rd litter with DKCH McCairn "Let's Twist Again" I got a cracker bitchpuppy. She caught my eyes and captured my heart almost from her date of birth and simply had to be named McAlister's "You Are My Number One". I call her "Rosa" and she has just develloped extremely promising - winning Best Puppy Bitch of Breed twice and BIS PUPPY once already. Hopefully "Rosa" has a brilliant showcarreer ahead of her and I am very positive with her in my future breeding programme.



In March 2005 my dear US cairnbreeder friend Lydia Coleman Hutchinson (prefix Wolfpit) visited Denmark and brought over my new import "Hyacinth Bucket" of Wolfpit (born July 5th 2004). Lydia Hutchinson is regarded one of the most experienced and acknowledged cairnbreeders and allround Terrier judges in USA and has in 2005 also been a highly respected Chairman of The Cairn Terrier Club of America. I got to know Lydia in 1998 during my first visit to the States as she had imported USACH Birselaw "Peggy Sue" - a littersister to my own foundation broodbitch Birselaw "April Love" that I bought 5½ months old from Yvonne Catto in Edinburgh in 1991. "Peggy Sue" was exported to Lydia a few years later.

"Hyacinth Bucket" of Wolfpit - called "Cindy" - is sired by Lydia's old and famous CH studdog Caledonian "Buck" of Wolfpit. As all his offsprings have got the letters BUCK in their pedigree names, Lydia agreed on "Hyacinth Bucket" as we both love her character from the famous British television programme.

"Cindy's" dam is USACH Cairnhoe Alliance With Wolfpit - a daughter of my own famous USA export: Top Producing Studdog in USA in 2004 USACH Robinson Crusoe "Quite Macho" (bred my my mother). "Cindy's" great grandmother (on her dam's side) is USACH Birselaw "Peggy Sue".

"Cindy" came to Denmark 8 month old and only two days after her arrival Lydia showed her at a Danish Terrier Club Show under Special judge Bill Camish and wun Best Puppy of Breed. "Cindy" settled in right away with me and my dogs. She is so well behaving, has the most sweet character and has become a real mummy's girl. She does have though a great hunting instinct and loves too much to chase the birds in the garden. "Cindy" and "Maggie" have become best pals.


"Cindy" is a very lovely cairnbitch but maybe on the small size for many Scandinavian judges. She will be shown in Denmark of course when she has matured, but primarily I bought "Cindy" for future breeding.

In July 2006 "Cindy" will be sent over to Lydia in order so that she can show her to her USACH tittle like the rest of her littermates. I hope to come over myself to the prestigeous Montgomery County Kennel Club Show 2006 in October and show "Cindy" myself and hopefully bring her back home with me..

To be continued

So in my hobbykennel all my cairns live with me in the house as equal members of the family and with free access to my sofa.

"Jennifer", "Smilla" and "Stephanie" have all retired by now from breeding and enjoy their senior lives fully with their new families, where they are totally spoiled and dearly beloved.

"Toddy" retired from breeding too, but spends her otium here with me. She still acts like a 4 year old and definitely regards herself as the QUEEN of HER house.

I breed 3- 4 litters a year and my puppies grow up in my bedroom and living room and have been in human contact since their birth. They settle in with their new families right away, trustful and confident of themselves with at least 8 weeks of correct puppy stimulation in their luggage.

I am determined to breed not only with focus on correct cairn anatomy according to our breedstandard but most important with focus on breeding to only mentally wellfunctioning studdogs and broodbitches - regardless their showresults and tittles.

I could never breed otherwise: I simply detest factory kennels, puppy farming, too heavy inbreeding and the devastating focusing mainly on tittles and showresults.





A speciel thanks to

- my mother, Sonja Scheel, Kennel Robinson Crusoe
for giving me years of experience in cairnbreeding and some good blodlines to work with.

- Doris Howes and Chrissie Clark
for years of friendship, support and many good pieces of adwice.

- Yvonne Catto
for letting me have Birselaw "April Love"

- Helle Lund Christensen & Peter Hage
for top professionel trimming assistance and many years of friendship & positive co-operation.

- Kurt Larsen
for friendship and for excellent photoes of my dogs

- Ewa Söderwall and Wilhelm Dufwa - (Kennel TRIBUN in Sweden)
for friendship and for their exellent studdogs

- Ane Buch
for proffessional trimming assistance and for being so nice to my showdogs

Without help and support from all of you my breeding success
would never have been possible



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