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Updated July 2006


Breedinghist. part 2.

Breedinghist. part 3

My devotion to cairns started already in 1966, when my mother Sonja Scheel (later kennel Robinson Crusoe) bought her first cairn puppy. She had fallen totally in love with this charming breed through her colleague Käte Ulf Møller (later kennel Fettercairn), who owned a cairn at that time.
But in 1966 it was simply impossible to find a cairn puppy for sale in Denmark, so our first cairn, a bitch puppy called Stebs "Petruska", was bought in Sweeden by breeder Sten Persson in Flyinge.
Through the years my mother bred only a few litters on "Petruska" and her daughter "Sacha", and in that way I got my first knowledge of and experiences with breeding and whelping from the side line.

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Miss Chrissie Clark (left) and
Miss Doris Howes

In 1980 my mother finally decided to import a cairn bitch puppy from Great Britian in order to start more serious breeding, so off she went to Cruffts. Here she noticed some excellent offsprings after the famous GBCH "Robinson Crusoe" of Courtrai, and fortunately she got in contact at Cruffts with his owners Doris Howes and Chrissie Clark (kennel Courtrai).

In that way and especially since 1986, when Doris and Chrissie visited Denmark for a week, both my mother and I have been very good friends with the two grand old Coutrai ladies. In fact I visited them last time in December 1997.

Through the years I have also been priviledged to correspond frequently with Doris and Chrissie, and I simply can't thank them enough for their great help and many pieces of advise, which made my own breeding success possible. In 2005 Chrissie Clark passed away in her late 90th.

In 1981 my mother visited Doris and Chrissie at kennel Courtrai for the first time in order to pick up her first import, a 9 week old bitch puppy, Courtrai "Louisa" (after GBCH " Robinson Crusoe" of Courtrai & GBCH Courtrai "Triella Trudy" ).
2 years later Doris and Chrissie bred a younger fullbrother to "Louisa" : The later famous GBCH Courtrai "John Julius".

In 1982 my mother returned to Doris and Chrissie and picked up her second import, a bitch puppy called Courtrai "Brumanna" ( after Harlight "Hector" of Lindcoly & Courtrai "Lucky Cuilan").

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DKCH Courtrai "Louisa" (left)
and Courtrai "Brumanna"

These two Courtrai bitches became the foundation brood bitches of kennel Robinson Crusoe.

The prefix my mother took in 1983 after permission from Doris Howes and Chrissie Clark.

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In 1984 my mother gave me a dark brindle bitch puppy (after "Louisa") called Robinson Crusoe "Coffee", who became DKCH in 1989. (sire: DKCH IRLCH INTCH Kilclief "Teddy Edward").
I bred 3 litters from "Coffee" in my mother's prefix and kept a dog puppy from her first litter in 1987, called Robinson Crusoe "Lazy McMurphy", who also became DKCH in 1989. (sire: DKCH DCH INTCH Tjeps "Adonis Socrates")

"Murphy" stayed healthy all his life and was put to sleep 15½ years old in March 2003 tired of age as great granddad of Denmark's TOPWINNING MULTI CHAMPION dog Sensei's "Sweet Dublin" (born May 1999)

murphyhvalp.jpg (10072 bytes) Murphy 5 month old.......................Murphy.jpg (8276 bytes)Murphy

From 1984 and through the following years my showinterest and handling abilities slowly increased and improved, and besides making both "Coffee" and " Murphy" up to Danish Champions in 1989, I also showed and handled two other Robinson Crusoe cairns and succeeded to make both of them up to Danish Champions as well, namely DKCH Robinson Crusoe "Dusty Donovan" & DKCH KLBCH Robinson Crusoe "McDoddy".

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Mc Doddy.jpg (5222 bytes)

In 1986 my mother succeeded herself to make up "Louisa" to DKCH (under Special judge Tom Horner).

In 1990 I decided to import a bitch puppy myself in order to supply our Robinson Crusoe bloodlines. I wrote of course to Doris and Chrissie for advice, and they recommended me to Yvonne Catto, breeder and owner of the famous GBCH Birselaw "Boomerang".
So in August 1990 I visited Yvonne Catto for the first time in Edinburgh, and when I saw "Boomerang" live, I was totally lost. He was simply the most magnificent cairn, I had ever seen, and on the spot I ordered a bitch puppy after him.

Boomerang.jpg (6888 bytes)
GBCH Birselaw "Boomerang"

trudy-yvonne.jpg (10997 bytes)
Yvonne Catto with "Trudy"
In 1991 I returned to Yvonne in Edinburgh and picked up a lovely 5½ month old wheaten bitch puppy, Birselaw "April Love" (after GBCH Birselaw "Boomerang" & Birselaw "Christabel", a daughter of GBCH Larchlea "Take A Chance On Me" & GBCH Birselaw "Country Girl").
Doris and Chrissie fortunately got a chance to see "April Love" before I returned to Denmark with her, and we decided to name her "Trudy" (after her grandgrandmother GBCH Courtrai "Triella Trudy").
A littersister to "Trudy", called Birselaw "Peggy Sue" was some years later exported to Lydia Hutchinson (prefix Wolfpit) in USA and has left some lovely offsprings overthere.

In 2005 I imported a greatgrand daughter of USACH Birselaw "Peggy Sue" & granddaughter of USACH Robinson Crusoe "Quite Macho" called "HYACINTH BUCKET" of Wolfpit (born July 2004) - bred by Lydia Hutchinson. (Sire: USACH Caledonia Buck of Wolfpit ~ Dam: USACH Cairnhoe Alliance with Wolfpit)

peggy-sue-yvonne.jpg (13190 bytes)

Yvonne with Birselaw "Peggy Sue"

Through the following years "Trudy" proved to be an excellent brood bitch, leaving only strong and healthy puppies with lovely temperaments, and all of a very high and harmonious standard.
She has been one of the most impressive brood bitches in Denmark within many years, and has influenced the Danish Cairn Breed in a most positive way - even for several generations.
In 1999 "Trudy" was awarded "Brood Bitch Of Most Winning CK-awarded Offsprings" in Denmark. (CK = Certificate Qualification).

A son from "Trudy's" first litter in 1993 DKCH FINCH KLBCH Robinson Crusoe "Alberto Tomba" (after DKCH KLCH World Winner 95 Cairndy "Kiksekage") was in 1997 elected STUD DOG OF THE YEAR in Denmark. "Tomba" died tragically in 2003 after having swallowed a peachstone and been through a complicated intestine operation.

"Tomba" fortunately left some excellent offsprings, among others my mother's top pruducing broodbitch DKCH FINCH KLBCH Robinson Crusoe "JENNIFER" and Zalazar breeder Mette Sørum's excellent studdog AMCH Fettercairn "JOACHIM", who was exported a few years ago to USA and easily made up to USA CH by his new owner and handler Suzie Bidegairn in San Diego (prefix Yellowbrickroad)


Unfortunately "Trudy" hated dogshows, so for that reason she was only shown a few times in her early years, but with excellent results, especially under British Special judges.
"Trudy" has been shown though a few times in Senior Class and was awarded CK (Certificate Qualification) both in 1998, 1999 and 2000, which qualified her for the Annual Danish Cairn Yearbooks.

In 1998 "Trudy" was placed in a pethome where she was spoiled and dearly beloved. "Trudy" stayed healthy all her life and died peacefully 14 years old of age in the arms of her owners.


In 1991 the owners of DKCH & KLCH Robinson Crusoe "McDoddy" wanted to breed a litter from her, and on my recommandation they chose the sire: DKCH KLCH KBHV 91 Hjohoo's "Only For Hjo" (after the famous DKCH KLCH Cairndy "Only Oliver", later INTCH KBHV 94 World Winner 94 and CAIRN OF THE YEAR in Denmark for 4 years in a row).

At first "McDoddy's" owners intended to give my mother first choise to a bitch puppy from the litter, but for some reason my mother backed out.

Instead they offered me the only bitch puppy from the litter, a dark brindle called Robinson Crusoe "Vanessa". I was very happy to get her, as "McDoddy" is a granddaughter of both my mother's two Courtrai bitches.

"Vanessa" turned out to be a real showgirl, but unfortunately she only succeeded to receive1 CACIB, 2 CC's and 1 reserve CC. And because of her showcarreer I only managed to breed two litters on her. But she left me two lovely sons, before she was spaided. She reached to live a happy life for a few years together with her new family but tragically had to be put to sleep in autumn 2000 due to a severe cerebral haemorrhage.

I intended to keep a bitchpuppy from "Vanessa's" first litter in 1993, but she only left me dogpuppies. And with "Carlos" it was love at first sight.
This little dark brindle guy was so special. At the age of only 4½ weeks, he followed me all around the house with his tail right up, so curious and not afraid of anything.
7 weeks old I was able to walk him on a showlead and already then he loved to pose and to show.

Since then "Carlos" and I have never been apart. He is a true "Mummy's Boy".

"Carlos" received his first CC at the age of only 11 months and was made up to both DKCH & FINCH before the age of 22 months.
Through the years "Carlos" has wun a lot of prizes in Denmark and abroad, and in September 1999 he finally succeeded to become KLBCH (Danish Terrier Club Champion).
Unfortunately.....due to early sterility....."Carlos" was neutered in 2001. Since then he lived a happy petlife with me till he unfortunately due to complications after a knee operation had to be put asleep 12 years and one month old.

But fortunately and most important to me "Carlos" succeeded to prove to have been a very excellent studdog, leaving me not only my top brood bitch AMCH Robinson Crusoe "I'm Daddy's Girl"

His daughter McCairn "Carlos' Mummy's Surprise" wun her first CC already in Februar 2000 at an International Kennel Club Show and went 2nd Best Bitch of Breed. She left some excellent offsprings, among others a most promising CC winning grandson DKCH McCairn "Let's Twist Again" (born 2003) who so far has sired some of my most promising future show and stud prospects -  McAlister's "Victor Hugo" (born January 1st 2005) and McAlister's "You Are My Number One" (Born September 30th 2005)

Also "Carlos's" son McAlister's "Eyecatcher" has proven to be a born showman and an excellent studdog. "Eyecatcher" received his first CC in September 2002 and wun BIS at our annual Danish Open Zealand Cairn Show in 2003. He has so far sired 2 CC winners (McAlister's "Irish Cream"& DKCH  LITHUANIAN CH McAlister's "James Bond")

toddyportr.jpg (10423 bytes)
In 1995 I bred my first litter with "Carlos" to Birselaw "April Love", and kept a bitch puppy for show and breeding, AMCH Robinson Crusoe "I'm Daddy's Girl" called "Toddy".
"Toddy" turned out to be a real showgirl and wun a lot of Puppy Classes but unfortunately she hasn't been awarded a Danish CC yet. Only Reserve CC's and a lot of CK's (Certificate Qualifications).
"Toddy" had her first litter in May 1998 of 6 healthy puppies,sired by a lovely darkbrindled dog named Cairndy "Årsunge". (He was shown a lot as a youngster and received 1 CC / Best Of Breed).
"Toddy" proved to be as perfect a mother as her own ("April Love"), so in June 1999 she had her 2nd litter of 5 healthy and strong puppies sired by the gorgeous Tribun studdog NORDCH INTCH VDHCH DCH Tribuns "Yellow Sovereign"
In July 2000 "Toddy" had her 3rd litter of 4 lovely and healthy puppies sired by Robinson Crusoe "Quartermaster", and again she proved to be an excellent mother and broodbitch.

In February 2001 "Toddy" delivered her 4th litter of another 6 healthy high quality puppies... among others an outstanding bitchpuppy McAlister's "Guardian Angel" called "Kimmy", that I kept myself. Sire of this litter was my young studdog DKCH McAlister's "Danish Viking".

click on the photo to see the full photo


In September 2001 "Toddy" joined me to the States and was shown and handled by my friend and her US co-owner Mrs Lydia Coleman Hutchinson (highly repected US cairnbreeder for more than 50 years under the prefix Wolfpit). And sensationally "Toddy" gained her USA CH tittle within only 9 days by winning WINNERS BITCH & BEST OPPOSITE SEX at 5 shows in a row (incl. 3 x BEST OF WINNERS).

"Toddy" stayed a few months with my other US Cairnbreeder friend Becky Stamps (prefix Marquee) in Texas and was mated middle of January 2002 with NORD CH & USA CH Tribuns "Ralph Lauren", who has been co-owned and campaigned in USA by Becky since Autumn 2000.

In March 2002 I flew to the States in order to pick up "Toddy" myself and bring her safely back to Denmark in time for her delivery, but unfortunately it soon turned out that "Toddy" hadn't conceived.

So a few months later in August "Toddy" was remated with my young studdog DKCH McAlister's "Danish Viking" resulting on October 15th in her last and 5th McAlister "L-litter" of 3 strong and healthy quality puppies, from which I kept the only bitchpuppy McAlister's "Love At First Sight" (called "Lucy"). A real sweet tempered bitch and almost a spitting immage of her mum.

"Lucy" delivered her 1st litter McAlister's "W-Litter" in April 2005 (sired by my youngest studdog DKCH & LITHUANIAN CH McAlister's "James Bond") and her 2nd litter McAlister's "Z-Litter" in November 2005 (sired by DKCH KLBCH Cale Hill's "Norman"). Fortunately "Lucy" has proven to be as excellent a broodbitch and as good and caring a mother as her own mum.


"Toddy's" excellent litterbrother, who was sold to my close friend Ada Koch, already owner of "Tintin's" older halfbrother DKCH FINCH KLBCH Robinson "Alberto Tomba".

"Tintin" unfortunately never obtained to be made up to DKCH due to his probably lack of showspirit. He did though qualify for the Danish Cairn Yearbook each year even as a senior, did win a Finnish CC in Finland in 1996 and had the great triumph to win not only BEST IN SHOW in Denmark in 1997 at our Annual Open Cairnmatch under Special judge Mrs Mary Towers (GB) but was also awarded the prestigeous tittle ØRESUNDS CUP WINNER 1997 by beating the BIS winner in Sweden.

"Tintin" reached to sire two litter of puppies by the famous Danish Cairndy breeder Helle Lund Cristensen and her husband Peter Hage (prefix Hage).

In 2004 "Tintin" was diagnozed Cushings Disease and tragically didn't respond to medical treatment and had to be put asleep only a few months later same year

To be continued

So in my hobbykennel all my cairns live with me in the house as equal members of the family and with free access to my sofa.

"Jennifer", "Smilla" and "Stephanie" have all retired by now from breeding and enjoy their senior lives fully with their new families, where they are totally spoiled and dearly beloved.

"Toddy" retired from breeding too, but spends her otium here with me.. She still acts like a 4 year old and definitely regards herself as the QUEEN of HER house.

I breed 3- 4 litters a year and my puppies grow up in my bedroom and living room and have been in human contact since their birth. They settle in with their new families right away, trustful and confident of themselves with at least 8 weeks of correct puppy stimulation in their luggage.

I am determined to breed not only with focus on correct cairn anatomy according to our breedstandard but most important with focus on breeding to only mentally wellfunctioning studdogs and broodbitches - regardless their showresults and tittles.

I could never breed otherwise: I simply detest factory kennels, puppy farming, too heavy inbreeding and the devastating focusing mainly on tittles and showresults.





A speciel thanks to

- my mother, Sonja Scheel, Kennel Robinson Crusoe
for giving me years of experience in cairnbreeding and some good blodlines to work with.

- Doris Howes and Chrissie Clark
for years of friendship, support and many good pieces of adwice.

- Yvonne Catto
for letting me have Birselaw "April Love"

- Helle Lund Christensen & Peter Hage
for top professionel trimming assistance and many years of friendship & positive co-operation.

- Kurt Larsen
for friendship and for excellent photoes of my dogs

- Ewa Söderwall and Wilhelm Dufwa - (Kennel TRIBUN in Sweden)
for friendship and for their exellent studdogs

- Ane Buch
for proffessional trimming assistance and for being so nice to my showdogs

Without help and support from all of you my breeding success
would never have been possible



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